Our Motto

The right to education is not only the right to access education but also the right to receive an education of good quality. Education must be available and accessible but also acceptable and adaptable.

Aim of education at KNOWLEDGE GROUP’s institutes is to impact on the content of education, teaching and learning processes and materials, the learning environment and learning outcomes for holistic development and lifelong achievement.

For excellent education; teachers at KNOWLEDGE GROUP are at the heart of quality education. It is only possible because we have experienced qualified, competent and devoted faculties and skilled teachers.

KNOWLEDGE GROUP provides reputed professional disciplined work culture for quality education by focusing on Student –Student relationship, Teacher- Student relationship, as well as participation of the community in school activities.

The monitoring of student progress is a factor in effectiveness studies and help to focus on the ‘core’ goals. Teachers use diagnostic tools and formative and summative assessments to monitor students' progress for good understanding and knowledge.

Teachers in KNOWLEDGE GROUP play vital role in continuous assessment of students, teacher-guardian scheme, and career counseling as well as giving feedback to parents moreover the mentoring strategy is help to support the students and smoother their transitions to continue in education.

The way learning is delivered, extra-curricular activities, discipline, relations with peers and teachers and some pedagogic practices have a strong impact on students’ learning, motivation and sense of belonging.

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